Summer Is Right Around The Corner

The countdown has begun in our house.  Summer is officially a week away!  My girls are getting so excited and anxious.  Luckily both of their schools have a ton of fun things planned over the next few days to keep the little ones busy and happy.  Circus day, pajama day, bubbles day, field day, and ice cream days ahead at school.  It is so hard to believe my Sophia having her Pre-k graduation next Wednesday!

Last summer flew by.  I had a newborn, we were building and moving into a new house, and I was still recovering from a rough c-section.  We didn’t do much at all except pack, snuggle and love Tallulah, sleep when we could, and unpack.  It was a whirlwind.  I would never advise anyone to move with a newborn.  What were we thinking!

Now this year I am planning a fun filled, exciting, and fantastic summer for my girls.  Tallulah is full of one year old wonder and fascination now.  She is an exploring, running, ball of energy and wants to keep up with her sisters.  Olivia and Sophia are equally energetic and need a summer packed full of activities.  I did a lot of idea hunting on Pinterest and came upon an idea to create a summer fun list.

Our summer fun list is full of ideas for our family.  Parks, food, art, and creativity are all on the list.  When we do something they can even check it off to make it more interactive for my girls.  I have made ours specific to things we have done in the past and new ideas we are planning on doing.  I even included things for  our planned cruise.  Over the past few days I have asked the girls what they were interested in doing this summer and included those too.  I think it will be super fun to see what we have accomplished by the end of this summer and of course most of these will be fantastic picture opportunities!

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