My Sophia is 5 Years Old Today

Time is going by so fast.  Enjoy the little moments.  Snuggle your babies tight every day.  Need I go on?  I am just a little sentimental today because my darling little girl Sophia actually turned 5 years old today.  It seems like just yesterday……  She is quite the sassy and stubborn little girl now and she won’t even tell us what she wants to do today for her birthday.  She is too excited for her big birthday party this weekend.

She was cute last night asking me at what time exactly she will be 5 years old.  Mind you I know this means she would be up at the crack of dawn if I told her any other time than at 7 am, when it is time to get up for school.  I need my sleep, I have a busy week ahead of me planning this party.  It will be a vintage, shabby chic party with classic children’s games.  My Sophia is an old soul at heart and I think this party will fit her perfectly.  My mom, sis, and I are hand making the decorations, food, cake, cupcakes, and custom party crowns for all of the children at the party.  There will be plenty of pictures to share next week.

Until then here is a picture of the ice cream cone cupcakes I made for her class today at school.  Sophia is very excited to show them to her friends this morning.  Now I am off to wake up my birthday girl, make her birthday chocolate chip pancakes, and get her to school with her cupcakes.

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  • I used to make you those same cupcakes when you were little… and Erin always loved them. So excited for Sophia’s birthday party…….will be such fun! 🙂ReplyCancel