Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Merry Christmas from Tara Merkler Photography Lake Mary FloridaP I N this to pinterest

Our personal Christmas Card for 2011 made with Rhonna Farrer designs

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone.  I have 3 girls anxiously awaiting the arrival of Santa tonight.  We are watching a Christmas movie marathon right now while we wait for daddy to get home from work.   We can’t wait to go celebrate our Christmas Eve traditions at my moms and then tuck the girls into bed so that Santa can come tonight.  We have had a great time with our elf while he has stayed with us for the past few weeks and we will miss him until the next Christmas season.  Warm wishes to all from a hot, sunny, humid Florida this Christmas.  It will get up to 82 degrees today and we have the air on.  It definitely will not be a chilly Christmas this year unless we crank the air conditioner down to ridiculous temperatures.  Here is a few sweet baby pictures to enjoy until after the holidays from a sneak peek of a newborn session I had yesterday with baby Kira.

Sweet baby Kira with her princess crownP I N this to pinterest newborn baby toes photographyP I N this to pinterest